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Anybody else have weird triggers?


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bananas I can't eat them without gaging and when I do eat them I end up sick

going anywhere by myself. absolutely hate it. many time I won't go someplace because no one will go with me

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Doors being locked on me. Fun thing about that is I'm obsessive about locking doors and I've often locked someone in just automatically and when I realize that it's triggering as well.

Some kinds of music. Obviously, things that were playing during what happened, but also totally unrelated stuff. I almost think it's a physical reactio to the noise and rythm that affects my blood pressure or something and makes me panicky.

Seeing bruises on myself. I bruise easily and I'm clumsy, so that's really bad. Even if it's a harmless bruise from bumping into something, it brings up all the shame from having to hide the bruises he left me with all those years ago.

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A certain weather, cold, rainy or snowy. Weird because I was abused in all weathers and the worst happened in summer time, but there's something about that weather that instantly brings me back to (compared to the rest of shit) relatively minor incidents that still hurt like hell tho.

the sound of zippers or belts being opened or closed.

men undressing/ changing clothes, even if it's just a shirt orn socks

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My triggers:

having my feet touched


someone reaching out from behind/front suddenly at my head/face. ( I duck, as if to dodge blows to the head...)


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Being called stupid.

Low lighting. Give me dark or light.

Wednesday nights alone.

A new one I've realized: Being alone in a store longer than I expected.

Sitting in the back seat of a car.

Men yelling at little girls.

Sure there's more, but these are more personal to me.


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  • 1 month later...

* Holding my arms on the bed

* The song "Here's to the Night" by Eve 6

* If I hear someone say "Te Quero" ( "I Like You" in Spanish)

* The smell of Dial soap

* Going back to my home town.

There are more, but I cant think of them.

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Ug.... this is hard to post, but I feel like I should.

My strangest triggers are probably latex gloves and dirty socks. :unsure: I've developed an allergy to latex, and even smelling the gloves sends me into a panic. And dirty socks... even typing the words makes me want to be sick.

*Furniture from the 70's

*Being told to shut up

*Being on my period

*my wrists being touched in any way. Sometimes I can't even wear jewelry

*Waking up to someone touching me, even if it's just a soft tap to wake me up

*Certain smells.. when I'm in a large crowd, there will almost always be one man who has "that" smell.

*The sounds of zippers *shudders*

*Hunting knives

*Also eating bananas.. I just can't.

Another super weird one, Little Mermaid comforters (the last assault came from a "friend" of the family who had my EXACT same Little Mermaid comforter on his own bed.)

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Guest lilloca

ok my triggers are:


mickey mouse

any of the disney princesses


surf boards

the beach when its dark (late night/early morning)

little girls with their fathers

valentine's day

the smurfs


oatmeal/cream of wheat

ice cream

anything white and creamy

the pharse 'daddy's girl'


cherries of cigarettes

classic rock

guns n roses welcome to the jungle

the beach boys (esp surfer girl)

old volkswagens

groups of guys together

crowded rooms


anything around my neck

beer bottles



anything that looks like a penis (yes my husband has one, but it bugs me --ok!)

children crying or screaming

children's clothing with sexual slogans (like little girls pants that say 'sexy' on the butt)

padded bras or anything that looks like lingerie for children


ok i think that's most of them -- the rest are common like seeing someone who looks like one of my perps or has one of their names.

great thread!

btw i live in california -- so cal to be exact -- an hour from the beach and disneyland

Lil' Loca

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Weird. . . okay. . .

anyone touching my shoulders without my express permission

anyone touching my sides

sex (I can’t even conceive of willingly having sex with anyone- sex utterly terrifies me)

sudden noises

sustained noises that I can’t place/ can’t control- i don't know why but i become extremely enraged by them

& other common ones listed, like his name, houses it happened in, etc.- the name one’s the worst b/c my little brother is the third one to carry that particular name, so addressing letters to him is not fun. <_<

Man, no wonder I avoid dating like the plague. . . :P


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Here's a few of mine, most of them have been said before I think:

- zipper/belt being undone

- seeing a man starting to undress

- seeing parts of a man's body (eg. stomach) when he's stretching

- lecherous looks from any man

- sexual innuendoes

- another person's breathing when lights are turned off

- anything resembling a penis

- yoghurt or other creamy foods (I used to love custard)

- movies with any sex or love scenes, even or especially kissing

- seeing people kiss :down:

- being kissed unless it's European style

- being embraced by a guy

- weekends, especially late Saturday night into Sunday morning

- young babies crying

- being too close physically to men

- beards

- the sound of a door being locked

- sounds in the house at night now that I'm alone

This last one I discovered accidentally last nite as I grabbed my stuffed bear for consolation when I was upset about something :blush:

- anything that sits/straddles my stomach

I'm sure there's more but this is enough for now--it's scary to see how much you can think of that has such a negative impact on your present life.


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Guest vanity.insecurity

- Jeggermeister *shudders*

- Kool and Newport cigarettes

- waking up to a bedroom door that is open, which happens every damn day, for the most part, despite my best efforts to explain why this sets me off. :angry: I'm running out of nice ways to try and get my point across.

- hearing 2Pac's "Just Like Daddy"


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  • 2 weeks later...

~ Obviously, any reference to r*pe

~ R*ape jokes

~ A completely dark room

~ Anyone touching me before I touch them.

~ Dirty Fingernails

~ Sleeping in any room that doesn't have a locked door

~ Sleeping in the same room as a guy

~ 40is year old guyes

~ Any facial hair

~ Stairs making creaky noises

~ Water beds

~ Men's deoderant

~ AXE (the colone) or anything that smells like it.

~ Red hair on a man

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One I recently became aware of...

Black silk panties (I hate the word panties!)

And I just have to say ((((((((((Sabrina))))))))) - that person should be slapped for saying such things to you!

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Guest LilJoe

This is the first time I've ever wrote any of these down. I've spent so much time trying to forget them.

The song "Slow Dancing Swaying To The Music" Makes me SICK!

Movies that have sexual assault in them.

Jokes people tell about incest.

Reading triggering posts.

When someone tries to get to close to my mind.

The smell of vodka.

Anyone touching me to wake me up.

Being snuck up on.

Sounds outside at night.

Italian men with wide noses.

That's enough for now.


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My odd triggers:


*Being called "Sparky"


*Being touched on the stomach


*Fire Alarms

*Electric razors

*The phrase “go to bed”

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here are my triggers:

*rape scenes on tv and movies

*older men staring at me

*people who joke about rape

*certain wooded areas

*the movie "life with billy", reminds me of my abusive ex-stepfather

*guys who look like my perp

*certain places in my hometown

*being on my period(sometimes triggers me)

i think that's it...

Cassondra xo

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I get triggered by....

Motorcycles. This is kind of a bad thing, especially if I'm driving... sometimes I just want to run right into them and take them out... Luckily I haven't acted on that impulse.

TV repairmen or auto shops.

Middle aged guys with beards.

Kissing sometimes just freaks me out.

Being in school.

Any type of court case, regardless of the context. Unfortunately, this is so prevalent that it's inescapable, so I've learned to deal with it. I also hate the thought of jury duty, an am glad I've never had to serve.

Men walking with little girls. I even get a little weird when it comes to my brother and his daughters. Just seeing a young girl can trigger me sometimes, like when my sister had my neice and I visited her in the hospital. Instead of being happy, I became extremely nervous and just needed to get out of there especially when they were changing her diaper.

I get triggered by the thought of or*l sex sometimes, even though that wasn't part of my abuse.

The song 'Love Shack'. And they play that at every single wedding you go to. I just can't stand that one or 'When a Man Loves a Woman'. Just writing that second one was enough to make me want to vomit.

Not sure of too many other strange ones. These are hard enough to get through sometimes.

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tealight rookie

This is such a great thread...

*The smell of alcohol on someone's breath - especially brandy or whiskey

*The smell of cigarettes and coffee mixed on someone's breath

*Being followed up the stairs

*Having the inside of my palm touched

*Being naked from the waist down, or not wearing underwear under a nightdress

*Having my breasts touched


*Lying on my back at the end of yoga class

*Being touched suddenly/without warning

*Being forced to do something in a group of people (like, take part in a game or tell a joke)

*Showers, and especially washing my hair

*The feeling of my underwear moving against my skin

*Using creams for girlie problems

*ANYTHING to do with smacking/spanking

*Women in authority positions

*French kisses or even just wet sloppy kisses

*Not being able to breath

*Being watched or examined

*Undressing in front of someone

*Being hugged in bed

*My belly being visible under a top

God, there are so many... But right now the biggest is a painting by Balthus called The Guitar Lesson *shudder*... And my T wants me to bring it to my next session...

:hug: Ruthie

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Guest Panchita

so far


*sex with clothes on

*being alone in a car with someone, even if i know them well

*thinking my phone is missing

*being naked whilst the other person's dressed


*men who look really mexican

*men between 30-40

*drinking in cars

*my sparkly sweater (though strangely i'm fine with the rest of the clothing i was wearing)

*people sitting on me

*people touching my necklace

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i've been trying to avoid, saying anything like this, or of any other kind of topic on this forum, but i have to start somewhere, since i pretty much came here, to help as i can, and if possible be helped. so here gose some of my weirder(to me at least) Triggers

(also i would like to say that, theres a commercial that says, "Scent is the strongest sence tied to memory" so everyone who has triggers from certain scents is not very odd, to me anyway.)

1: racists/people who hate anyone based on what ever makes them diffrent, basicly groups like the kkk, and those who just hate people based, on sexuality,race,gender,even political views, it upsets me, and i can't speak with anyone very well if they start talking about things like that in a negative way.

2: the one song by Nirvana, even the CD with it on it.

3: a handle bar mustach that is not fully grown in, and kinda untrimed

4: tools in the back of a truck that rattle around

5: men who are yelling to they're children, to behave and other things, it's not a problem when women do it.

6: the *R* word, it's not as bad as it was, because i've tryed to put it in it's place, that it is a word describeing more then just assualt, but when ever it's used by anyone in a way that is not asociated with s*xual assualt, it makes me upset

7: mean kids, and bullys in school, even the girls who go around thinking they're better then you.

8: though i love my heritage, old Japanese women who still cling to old traditions, living now a days, and not way back then, upset me. kinda the same for old japanese men, but it's odd triggers for me so thats an odd one *shrugs*

9: my last name

10: my birthday

11: R*pe scence in movies, and tv shows, mainly when it's unexpected, if i know about it before hand, i can handle it better.

12: the show veronica mars

13: the number 13, just this one, well 7 is also kinda bad, but the number 13 really gets me, as well as girls the age of 13

14i saw that someone posted ICP as a trigger. for me, everyone on Pyschopatchic records is not triggering, except Esham the Boogieman. i find that i can release alot of anger, if i punch a punching bag, while listening to some particular songs of ICP, and Twiztid. also, i was told a story about them once(an awesome story, i haven't heard it anywhere else, but the friend i don't think would have made it up), from a good friend, so they're pretty ok with me.

15:when i fall in a store, and or public place

16:books about R*pe, i work in a book store though (luckly for me im in the manga/anime section)

17: Freddy Kruger, kinda hurts my girl friends hobby's, involeing horror movies, and memorbillia of the such.

18: eyes bleeding, not a stigmata though.

19: drinking, drugs, and chubby guys in white sweat shirts.

20: refrences, from people i do not know, about sex, compared to sweets,candy, and so on.

and also i would to like apoligise if anything i said triggered someone, or upset/offended anyway Gomen(sorry) *bow*

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Bathtubs or hot tubs

Here's a weird one - some idiot (ok some dumbass male) changing lanes w/o using a turn signal

Anything restricting my hands/wrists/arms

The smell of musty, damp basements

I guess I have way too many....I could be listing forever - too many years of horror I think :cry:

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Things that I can't stand now:

someone kissing/touching my kneck

anyone up close to my face

phone numbers that come up on my cell w/out a name

black SUVs

Hawaiian anything

and: why would anyone ever write a song called "rape me"?

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Someone calling me Sweetheart

Beer drinkers

Cold Rainy days

Seeing photos of my dad

Being alone in a room in public

Walking into an elevator when there's a man on.

Large Mean dogs barking at me.

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shattered shadow

Most of the ones I have are already listed, but the strangest one I have is

* somebody fluffing my pillow *

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