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Anybody else have weird triggers?


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I was glad to see young girls as a trigger.  

I used to be comforted by the sight of innocence.

Now it has flipped and children give me

"ptsd related situational triggers".

took a year of therapy to figure that one out.

so, children trigger me badly.  I hate it.  I can't work certain places now.  

being pinned down

having anything above my face when sleeping

slander against rape victims - words like tr*sh or ...etc.

frat boys sometimes.

being spied on / violations of privacy.

anyone/anything touching my throat.

sometimes breathing.


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Guest T_a_n_y_a_

I have some odd trigger:

*red markers*

*duct tape*

*being called a whore*


*people touching my stomach*

*sitting in a chair for too long*


*anyone grabbing my @ss*

*being called honey or sweetie*


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Ooook, so maybe I have way too many triggers to list here.  but I'll make a start, I guess.  

cigarette smoke

lots of drunk people around when I'm not

Drunk people touching me in any way

people holding my wrists together in one hand

People pinning me down with their hands

sudden movements (of hands, or body)


people near when I'm asleep

the smell of grass

beer breath

people being judgemental about the way women dress

lots of people in confined spaces

being grabbed, or talked to sleazily

being told I look young, or small

my hair being pulled

anyone pulling things tight around my neck

staring (people staring at me)

People saying "I love you"

People accusing me of not loving them enough

My bed

Rape scenes in movies

my wrists being tied

people covering my eyes

being called names of a sexual nature (ie: whore, bitch, slut...)

hmmm.... I'm sure I could write a thesis, but I might stop now.  

*hugs* - great thread, bloo


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ok heres the ones I can think of right now:

* sausage rolls or any other pastry things

* schools, teachers, education in general

* girls around 14 years of age

* men in suits (tough one, when I work in an office full of men in suits!)

* men with large bellies

* men laughing

* any place with lots of people, where I can't see the exit or I can't see everyone in the room

* people asking me for a pencil, or asking me into their office

* people touhing my hair, neck, face, arms....ok, people touching me anywhere!

* people standing behind me, or really close to me

* r@pe scenes on TV, films, books etc

* drunk men (don't know why, as he wasn't drunk)

* men about 40 years + in particular

* the song 'roxanne' from the film Moulin Rouge

K, think thats all I can think of. Seeing girls the same age as I was nearly always makes me cry, usually in the middle of the street!

((((huggles all))))

rinoa x

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I dont know about wierd triggers but these are general triggers for me...

- someone putting their hand over my mouth to shut me up

- people telling me im stupid/thick/dizzy/useless

- anyone touching my legs/knees

- people standing too close to me

- The film 'The Accused'

- rape scenes in films/tv

- Eastenders - although its my favourite programme, some of it is too much for me

- eye contact

- touching my ear(s)

- sometimes sitting in the passenger seat of a car

- looking in the wing mirror of a car (from the passenger's seat)

- sometimes looking in any mirror at myself

- attractive men

- tall, skinny men especially aged 20-40

- kissing

- cuddling after sex

- sleeping next to someone in the same bed (im ok to have sex with them as long as either they leave or i leave afterwards so i can sleep alone)

- illegal drugs in tablet form

- woods

- lies, even small white lies

- a man telling me im beautiful (or giving me any compliments)

- the word 'rape'/jokes about sex, rape, women

- lying on my back in a straight position with my legs together

- seeing my old school friends, two of them in particular.

- the word 'violation'

- my period although it reminds me, i dont actually freak out - i feel happy and relieved (if that makes sense!)

- being stressed in my job or my studies

- not being stressed (having too much time to think)

My goodness, i didnt think i had so many triggers. Most of them remind me of the event(s) but some dont freak me out, it just plays on my mind for days.

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Seems like a new ones keep popping up.



kissing, especially an unexpected one, and french kissing

my grandfather

old men with glasses

rape scenes

being held down

all sports, but especially basketball and football


and sports (I hate sports)

guys with baseball caps,

or guys who act cocky, with macho-syndrome

looking men in the eyes

getting hit on or complimented on my body

when I catch someone looking at my breasts or

eyes roaming my body

loud or aggressive talking or shouting

church, or people trying to convert me

sex, especially oral and male penetration

any guy talking about women's issues or rape,

joking about rape or sex

other stories,

and the fact that so many women go through this

unfortunately, "Mary" by Tori (I love that song, but it hurts to listen to it.  I listened to it a lot the weekend of my last rape.  Also, it's about nature and I was in a very industrialized part of Florida and the family I was working for were Native American and grew up on an reservation.  I've always been sensitive to the cause, but it still sets me off.  I feel sick if I've left the cd running without programming it out.)

plastic beads, like Mardis Gras

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It's definitely comforting to read this.

Here are mine:

Ottawa (I once heard a news report about Ottawa and snapped "I hope that hellhole burns to the ground!"  Later I realized one of my rapists was from Ottawa)

the word slut

my hair being pulled

Tom Green

Yellow condoms

Summer--very depressed throughout

marb menthols

Virginia aka michelle'ssong

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I don't know which ones constitute as weird, but I will list a few that I can think of at the moment.


the smell of beer

beards or any other facial hair

hands that don't look "safe"

the smell of pot

pine trees

lights going off unexpectedly

people yelling

locked doors

I thought of a few more:

my face being wet

making me repeat something back to someone



men with children

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Wow, it's nice to know that other people have random triggers too!  :)

Mine are as follows:

* The word "r*pe", or pretty much anything pertaining directly to that

* Being pinned down, not being able to move my arms or legs

* Not being able to protect my face (i.e. with my hands)

* movement in the corner of my eye, like someone is behind me

* strangers touching me

* people I know touching me first - I have to reach out to them for a hug or something

* the movie "American Psycho"

* bright pink roses

* turquoise thongs

* Incubus (the band)

* Floater (the band)

* anyone talking about prom

* people coming up to me from behind

* basements

* cold concrete floors

* soccer fields (i know... it happened there once though)

* "1999" by Prince

That's a whole lot more than I thought!   ???

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I'm glad that i'm not the only one who has triggers. These are some of my triggers.

Being held down

Touching all over my body. This is a big no no.

Anyone who comes up behind me.

Anyone who looks at me funny. Like eyes staring at me and watching me. This scares me so much because i don't know what they might have up their sleeves.

Any muscular and strong guys.

Any sex scenes on t.v.



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<font color='#000000'>some of mine are:

facial hair on men - but not any kind- the kind I always associated with philosophers or theologians (sorry I can't be clearer);

being called beautiful;

cuddling; and

feeling as though I'm not being heard will send me over the edge.


Edited by jfinnova
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Okay, here goes....

being held down

tickle 'fights'

people touching me

people too close to me-especially men

dark rooms

native american men

feathers-eagle feathers

southern comfort

large men

my niece sometimes...sad  :down:

the *r* word

oral sex (men)

sex w/out words

sometimes just sex

having an arm thrown over me while i'm sleeping

sex w/ clothes still on

men looking at me when i'm alone

having my arms pinned down

Those are some of my  major triggers.  Great thread!


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Fantastic thread!

*Crooked teeth

*Sheepskin rugs (makes my skin crawl thinking of them)

*People with his name (first or last have to spit it out to say it.)

*Baseball caps

*A certain English football team

*Salem (The name of his house) :angry:

*People coming up behind me and making me jump

*Men in doorways (no escape)

*Being slapped on the arse


*summertime and young girls sitting exams (especially GCSE)

*Films with rape scenes or torture

*Courtroom dramas (real BAD trigger)

Think thats it, God my hearts pounding!!!!


How COULD I forget oral sex? Worst one of all. Just makes me want to gag

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bananas  His nickname ->Banana man I can't eat bananas less they pass an anorectic surgeon's inspection. sliced and diced doesn't go far enough and if they are mushed I can't eat it

STAR WARS...everything related to it... especially toys

Spiders Live and Dead

Seeing male nudity specially *P*

Piddle on the toliet  Heaven help the male friend of mine who uses my bathroom and leaves dribble behind

they get banned from using my bathroom.

Hearing a guy pee.

Hearing any male make a sexual noise. even in only in jest. I stopped hanging out with a gay friend of mine because he'd flame out and.... tears. eventually tho he pissed me off and I told him sorry I'm just not "your fag hag" find another dyke.

having my back touched  even by me sometimes

Right Guard & Old Spice... plus anything that smells like it

Me with my natural Hair color esp. when it's short I look in the mirror and see my brother stareing back at me.

Hearing his name

PPL who know better but ask me how he is... hello the only tabs I keep on him are so I can avoid him

LDS churches

Hand Shakes

Old men  and Mormon Men


Men hitting on me

The sound a smoker makes when they are quitting that wet racking cough

Being hugged by my dad... sometimes this gets me

Seeing family members of opposite sex being affectionate towards each other

ok gunna go cry now better stop

~damaged goods~

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adding a few more...

someone saying something, but having a hidden intention, basically any form of double speak.  i feel it and feel confused and it triggers this intense terror for me.

assembly of god churches



silence as response after i say something

violent scenes

anything about spanking

waiting for a ride (this is huge!)

creepy people trying to talk to me when i walk by

being touched or grabbed

comments about my body and comparisons

i havent yet experienced a lot of things since the r*, but the thought of them makes me feel really nauseated, so i dont want to try.

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This is a good idea, particularly since I have never allowed myself to list my triggers and just 'look' at them..

**obviously, any reference to r*pe, in*est, or m*lest*tion

**p*rn of any form, even just a reference to it or joke about it

**any references to male or female anatomy

**a completely dark room

**anyone touching me at all without me initiating the contact


**anyone having any physical contact with another person, even just on tv

**my little sister (she's at the age where the abuse happened for me) or anyone between 10 and 14

**tight-fitting clothes, particularly tight shorts or short-shorts

**references to people's weights and sizes

**any guy touching me in any way

**sleeping in any room that doesn't have a locked door

**sleeping in the same room as a guy

**close relationships with guys, even though they are all platonic, I can't handle the emotional intimacy

**television shows involving social workers

**the farm I lived on

**creaky noises

**any bed

**men's deoderant

**old, beat-up armoires (yes, obscure furniture)

**my brother

**my uncle (whom my brother stole p*rn from, this still bothers me)

**adolescent boys in general

**the game chess

**fishing or digging for worms


**the thought of having a husband

**life, at least at the moment

**strange guys at work trying to strike up a conversation (I'm a waitress).  I am always suspicious of their motives and really bothered by it.

Wow.  Now I know why I never did this before.  I hate to think that some very normal things and relationships are now incredibly tainted and avoided. :down:

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Ok,some triggers that are *weird* of mine...I do have a couple 'standard ones' i guess (no wrist touching, no certain sexual postions)..but these are my 'weird' ones..

*fruity pebbles


*any mention AT ALL of the age '12'

*when someone says "my turn"..(yeah, even a simple board game is out of the question for me..it always gets said)

I used to be really triggered by wearing underwear,(WEIRDO :upside: ), but I have recently conquered that one :;):

cool thread bloo, its a good way to examine ourselves.


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most of my triggers are standard ones

anything on my neck

breath on my neck or ear

drunk men

being in town on a saturday night

worrying how i'm going to get home


south park the movie [we watched it that night]

people trying to convince me that something i know happened didnt happen

the smell of brandy


eastenders[tv programme]

the dark

little girls [they look so innocent and precious]

i'm sure there are others too that i cant remember right now



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Guest daisey26

im new but this topic interested me as I am having problems with triggers lately so here are mine:

*r*pe scenes in movies or tv or books

*any songs by ICP

*the song Lady in Red

*being alone at night

*when my lights go out during a storm

*If males get too close to me or try to touch me


Alot of the ones you guys mentioned also trigger me as well.

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*anything that reminds me of him: scent of raspberry, mango body butter, the Dallas Cowboys, certain songs, pretty boys, scrapbook supplies (he sold that stuff), hotels (driving by them at night), wooden baseball bats, black Acura cars, saltwater fish tanks, sex

*hot tubs

*being in a bikini

*wearing short shorts(or anything "sexy")

*being intimate



*being around my 16-yr-old sister (same age as i was when all the abuse started)

*being held or cuddled in bed

*unshaven pubic area(on men)

My list could go on and on!!!  Thanks ((bloogirl))for starting this!

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adding another:


It was mentioned earlier on and I can't believe I forgot it as spiders really trigger me badly. I have always hated them but this is more than that. I didn't see any spiders 'during' or anything but one of my worst recurring nightmares is


that I cut off his head, it grows legs turns into a big spider and crawls inside me, between my legs

**********end of t***********

so now whenever I see a spider it totally sends me into a panic. I also think (for some insane reason) that somehow he's sent the spider to watch me or that it will tell him where I am.

Yep..I'm a nutcase!  :P


ri x

edited for shameful spelling!

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I just found one today:

Getting my hair cut.  :(

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~~ hispanic men (of any origin) or hispanic-looking men who are darker-skinned.  this is really bad for me, since i live in an area where there is a HUGE community of them.

~~ wearing sexy clothes, but i recently got over this 1...but i can only wear some in public when my fiance is around

~~ r*pe or sex scenes in movies or tv

~~ any songs by Papa Roach - he played the CD (the 1 with the roach on the cover) while he did this

~~ being alone at night

~~ a dark room

~~ any guy touching my stomach or face

~~ a guy telling me i'm beautiful or sexy (i'm almost over this, as long as it's just my fiance)

~~ hearing a guy breathing heavy, even on movies or after he was running or whatever

~~ the Matrix (the 1st movie)...he was playing this along with Papa Roach CD when he was r**ing me.

~~ their names...which i hate, cuz my fave name used to be the name of 1 of the guys who did this to me

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ARGH I TOTALLY HATE LOUD BREATHING! I feel sick just thinking about it, and HEAPS of the males in my family breath loudly out of their noses and it absolutely repusles me  :angry:

I also hate prickly facial hair. This is a new development. I used to be ok with it, but anything prickly near my thighs triggers the hell out of me and i cant control it.

Argh Im all pissed off now thinking about it. EW EW EW!


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Umm... jellybabies. I've never liked jellybabies and don't generally tend to even notice them when I'm buying lollies, but I only very recently figured out why.


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