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Anybody else have weird triggers?


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Guest SkeletonWitch

Grey carpet. If it is dirty even worse.

The word r*pe and penetration

Seeing a message from him

Dick jokes

Anything related to oral or anal

Talking about it

Thinking about the std tests I need to get

November (both my incidents were in november)

Thinking about the stupid smug look on his face

Thinking how he kept egging everyone to drink

Arabic singing (by a guy)

Every time I take a sh*t/my *sshole itches (seriously wtf) (worried about mini injuries)

The idea of getting a massage or having anyone touch me besides a hug or equivalent from a friend.


Not all create panic and Im sure Ive yet to discover some as my most recent assault was very recent. Havent had time to stop thinking about it or get randomly triggered


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Being found sexually attractive 

People putting the arm rest up next to me in a cinema

People sending sexual messages (especially when I'm clearly not engaging)

Being kissed/someone wanting to kiss me

Being referred to as a "space heater" or similar (I have a high natural body temp) 

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On 6/4/2004 at 11:40 PM, bloogirl said:

on my road trip, i got triggered everytime i saw a motorcycle.  ugh.  so i thought, ok, maybe i should do a posting about current triggers that im dealing with, and maybe others would like to record their current triggers.  in a way, maybe it can acknowledge the passage of time in the healing process.

current triggers:

certain gas stations

Pizza from cici's

its not just the actual things but what they represent I get hit all the time with both the good and the bad memories and it hurts


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Guest GirlUnderWater

I do have a few weird triggers. Goldschlagger, cold showers, and this song Dr Feel Good. There were lots of songs we listened to before he assaulted me but something about that song stuck. I freak every time I hear it. Really grateful for therapy that I’m not triggered by being alone, the dark, unfilled space in my home or needing a nap

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Guest Naamah

Some of my triggers include: 

teenage boys in general 

when boys give their girlfriends their sweatshirts 

obviously seeing my rapist (he goes to my school)

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Some off the top of my head:

Blue bottle of Ciroc.

My highschool. I avoid driving that route as much as possible.

School tables - specifically, the ones with black tops and regular wood bottoms.

The model car my teacher drove.

Certain compliments about my physical appearance.

Someone playfully hiding something behind their back.

Anyone whispering directly in my ear.

Any shows, jokes, etc that talk about teacher-student relationships. I either leave the room or dissociate immediately.

Slang words for privates and breasts. I get a sick feeling in my stomach, and get angry.

Hearing the phrases, “dirty girl”, “your so sexy”, “let it happen”, “good girl”(even when people say it to a dog, I cringe)

Men in white sleeveless tees

Being pinned down during sex, even if playfully.

Anyone standing too close behind me

A man grunting or heavily breathing

Anyone breastfeeding (I know... I feel embarrassed about this one. It’s supposed to be something natural and maternal, but my rapist was sadistic and made me... I can’t bring myself to say it)

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Guest Unwanted



Talk about me behind my back not to me


Towel over the face


Power imbalance 

Being dependent 

Being trapped

Big men

Fake smiles


Being disbelieved

Being powerless, impotent

Knowing of cruelty  and  unkindness  and power abuse and horrible things I can't  do anything about

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23 minutes ago, Guest Ccc said:

What is this forum for? I'm a rape victim

Guest, you may want to join as a full member. We are here for you as a safe, supportive community. What is available to Guests is very little of the whole site. I hope you will join us.

Take care,


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Triggers are what brought me to Pandy’s so maybe if I voice my own I’ll find some form of relief from this weight on my shoulders. 

*Pedophilia/Sexual abuse or rape -Recently I’ve been seeing a lot from social media about this in forms of awareness and how-to look for signs or teach your children. Well, this is what motivated me to seek an online community with high hopes of possibly finding some enlightenment on how to move past that part of my past... this particular trigger appears in movies, shows, as well as the news and every time I come across it I have flashbacks which makes me feel pathetic, helpless and depressed creating more feelings of resentment, shame, and guilt. Then I try methods of distraction, it goes away, but comes back to taunt me with the next trigger.

*Any caress to my stomach or sternum

*Sunny days with short moments of darkness from cloud shadows 

*The movie Speed

*Crawl space rooms

*Oddly enough, a new one was Haunting of the Hill House show on Netflix. During one of the episodes one of the characters who is a social worker determines the source of a little boys nightmares. This nightmare seemed almost like fantasy and imagined until the character laid in the little boys bed and looked up to the ceiling, and with her intuitive abilities she gathered the monster that he describe from his recurring nightmare was a form of disassociation his mind created the moment(s) he was being sexually abused. I cried so hard during this realization in the show because I came to my own realization. I realized that my recurring childhood nightmares that would leave me sleepless for months may have been exactly that... A way to escape reality. 

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Guest Portland

being filmed, photographed and Skype calls, I found a treatment called eye movement desensitized and reprocessing. I had a crying meltdown on a Skype call with a bunch of business associates.  The therapy treatment is helping but still tough.

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On 6/15/2012 at 8:25 PM, Eveyl said:

- handsome guys

- guys who work out

- every man actually

- every kind of touching ( especially grabbing wrist or neck)

- hugs

- dark blue sheets

- white plastic bags

- minority report the movie

- dirty dancing music

- red cars

- motocycles

- rabbits

- key noises

- ravioli pastas

- male talking to me

- my period

- male trying to flirt with me

- trains

- big mirrors

- sexual content in movies/conversation

- his name

- some dark grey sofa

- buddha statues

- sink

- doing the dishes

- ringbell

- cigarette smoke

- Some kind of tatoos

- candies

- some radio station

- some yoga poses like lying on the back doing yogi breathnwith eyes closed

- green balls or balloons

- gun ( even in photo, movie or in policeman pocket)

- me... ( looking at me on the mirror)

- the word "princess"

I know its been a long time since you posted. I am new, so just to say mirror's and the word "princess" for me too. I hope the years since this post have been kinder to you. 

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Guest Dani055

Mine are (and I dont think are that weird but idk):


Driving by a certain McDonald's 


** Someone talking in my ear

There are a lot I havent figured out yet.


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I have so strange triggers.  Here we go...

• certain laundry detergent 

•ski masks

•the sounds of vacuum picking up dibris 

• men wearing hooded sweatshirt with hood up

•cigarette smell 

•the sound of a house fan

•warm nights 

•full moon

ugh, I could go on but you get it.  I feel like a mess.  

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Probably the weirdest is obese French men and big bushy dark brown eyebrows. 

Pornography/ porn adverts 

Having my wrists grabbed tightly by men.

Rape scenes on TV / woman being trapped/pinned

bethany platt on coronation street sexual abuse victims on TV in general. 

Lobsters, especially if a man's eating them.

Guys calling women degrading names 

Belle delphine although I love her as a person  Bethany also. 

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Guest hot mess

weird trigger? 

cigarette smoke

rooms where the only light is a small desk lamp

rooms with a twin bed under a window

cake flavored vodka


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Guest lacansletter

This is a great idea to get some of these out in the open for me:

church incense or frankincense odors like from essential oils

priest collars and uniform

young children who are happy- I know, that sounds horrible, but all I can think about is how they may be hurt and how much pain they are going to have to endure (yeah, massive projection going on)

my own smokey breath- my perp smoked and when we had to start wearing masks, I realized that my own breath smelled like his and whoooo, I flipped out

being physically restrained in any way, even if I know the other person is just playing

yellow teeth

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Guest lacansletter
On 7/3/2020 at 3:26 PM, Jenny said:

Guest, you may want to join as a full member. We are here for you as a safe, supportive community. What is available to Guests is very little of the whole site. I hope you will join us.

Take care,


Jenny, I cannot find a way to join and become a full member. I am a trauma survivor and this site was mentioned at the last DID conference as a good place to go. Can you tell me how to register? Thank you.

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My triggers are…

- tan pants 

- sex scenes in movies and tv shows, especially rough ones…

- certain cologne 

-men with similar features 

- someone getting annoyed or angry at me 

- a man grunting or breathing heavily in a movie 

- violent, abusive men in movies. 

- violence in movies and tv shows 

- also some romance movies

- certain songs 

- certain words 

-  any scene where the woman looks really upset and just not really there…scared 

- horror movies, and action movies.

-slow jams and certain rap music

- my ex boyfriend 

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i had the worst experience with my partner my triggers are:

anyone trying to cuddle me 

telling me its ok (makes me think of what hes said to me at the time)

anything sexual related including the lovehoney adverts on tv

being infront off someone - i wait on the sidewalk to let people past so no one is behind me 

someone telling me they love me now makes me go sick and have panick attacks

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Guest TheAspiringSANE

Great thread:

- Corgis. I'm the only person I've ever met who loves dogs and is triggered by/freaked out by corgis. 

- The guys first name. A very common males first name and I work with the public so I hear it/work with people with the same first name ALL the time. 

- Thinking about little girls growing up in the world and how it's seemingly impossible to protect them from the same thing/things happening to them. 

- Purple button up dress shirts.

- Drag shows/drag brunch- used to be one of my favorite traditions with friends, now I haven't been in 3.5 years. 

- The beautiful shirt I wore earlier that day. I kept telling myself I'd eventually be "over it" enough to wear it again and finally just gave up and donated it. 

- Group chats about r*pe as a political topic where the participants talking don't know my history. 


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