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Anybody else have weird triggers?


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on my road trip, i got triggered everytime i saw a motorcycle.  ugh.  so i thought, ok, maybe i should do a posting about current triggers that im dealing with, and maybe others would like to record their current triggers.  in a way, maybe it can acknowledge the passage of time in the healing process.

current triggers:


anyone bald and/or blue eyed

anyone touching me

any talk of sexual matters

any risk of flirting or dating

any risk of being abandoned somewhere (Not sure why)

leather jackets

egads. im not sure if this is helpful or not. :(  i guess it is just really important for me to record that when i was on my road trip, i saw a lot of motorcycles and every time, didnt matter where i was, i thought, 'oh no, that could be him'.

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Hmm.  I think most of mine are pretty standard, but I do have a weird one.  Brad Pitt.  I can not stand to watch any movie he is in.  However, the movie responsible for my hatred towards him also had Gwyneth Paltrow and Morgan Freeman in it.  I have no problem with them, just Brad!

Leaves changing colors and falling triggers me also.  Luckily I am moving within a year, so I'll have at least one autumn without foliage.  Not this one, though.

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Guest dolf

I think this is a great idea !

*young asian men.

*clubbing (soo many people so close & no escape)

*drunk men

*motor bike (only GPZ900's though)

*being sat on

*cigarette breath

*being chatted up

*enclosed, dark places

*very attractive men

*older men

*queues (same as clubbing)

*being chatted up/groped

*rape scenes in TV & film

*boats (enclosed, not open)

oh...and pain!

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~All men (except young boys eg. 0-10)

~People in my space (I spaz I start hitting them and try to run. It's not the best thing to do at school and sometimes it's just really over whelming.)

~Sex stuff on tv, magazines (like girl magazines and underwear catalouges), pop up internet screens.

~Any one touching me including my 15yr old sister trying to give me a hug.

~Fists and the back of hands. I cower and try to hide when they are raised, even if they are not supposed to be violent.

~Some smells that I can't describe.

~certain music, I just seem to really flip out and go somewhere else in my mind when I hear it.

This is really weird I didn't think I had that many triggers. If you want to talk, I'm here. I'm 18 and may not be wise and intellegent but I do want to help all I can.

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Weird triggers?  You betcha.

some clocks (I recently asked my boyfriend to get a new kitchen clock because the sound of his old one ticking triggered me)

cut flowers (I chose my grocery store based on the size/location of the florist section)

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Great thread! :D

- forests, cellars, garages and any dark rooms/alleys etc.

- I'm sad to say, sometimes I get triggered by young girls, probably because I envy their innocence

- someone holding my wrists, or something around my neck (sometimes a scarf, even)

- right now pretty much any sex talk, or anything on tv, in magazines etc.

- people being too close to me, or trying to touch me

Gosh, so many triggers, I must seem quite messed up... :;):

Love, Tini

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My weirdest trigger is seeing the tips of daffodils coming out of the ground.

Hate that!


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yep, i have pretty weird ones.

-the movies, "the accused" and "forrest gump" and movies that are scary or weird

-seeing ads for "those kind" of movies on the tv listing channel

-reading any book on abuse - definitely my biggest trigger

-s*x talk by males

-flashbacks of the house that i lived in at the time or any house similar to it

-when older people or males get too close to me

-when people try to touch me at all when i am working on abuse

-a lot of random things since the birth of my daughter


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one of my weird ones is on right now - Jurassic Park Two.  

Have lost of fairly obvious ones - some stranger ones include

yellow bikes

yellow sports bags

Men In Black Two

people who pretend to box when they here the bell sounding time at the bar

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 I'm sad to say, sometimes I get triggered by young girls, probably because I envy their innocence

Me too. I also wonder if someone else has done it to them, too.


Seeing young girls hugging their fathers. I want to scream at them and tell them to watch out.

Nick touching my neck.

When I think I've upset someone.

Iris flowers

My closet being open

Being in a crowded place

Having the lights in classrooms completely off if there's no windows

random men that I have never met before but still creep me out--usually they have with large bellies

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Feet pajamas, the full-body kind with the zipper down the front.  That's all I can think of now.  I also share the envy/worry of/for young girls, especially when I see them receiving care from a man.  Creeps me out sometimes.


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- Morning glories [yes, a flower]

- Bunk Beds [the feeling of falling freaks me out, too]

- Attention from men [being groped, grabbed, or talked to by strangers in clubs, for example]

- r*pe jokes or comments about young girls.

And I'm not sure if these count as a trigger, because they don't send me into flashbacks of the abuse, but they do seem to trigger certain responses or moods in me;

- When people are angry or arguing, even when I'm not involved.

- When everyone around me is drinking, and I'm not.

- Sometimes when having sex or when my b/f is initiating.

- Being outside of the house alone.  [ I still can't go very far or take the bus on my own]

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Weird Triggers....

Anyone touching my legs... espically with a face with wiskers or above my knees with anything...

Tickling my feet

haveing my nose or cheeks pinched

the word "Pumpkin" being directed at me in a loving manner

the weirdest one I think I have is having an Orgasm

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Weird triggers...hmmm...

rain...the light, drizzle rain...not the hard, thunder and lightening rain (that I find rather relaxing)

cigarette butts...esp the kind called "Moore"...

barbie dolls...yep, barbie dolls...they aren't allowed in my house, much to my child's dismay

"dust mops"...as opposed to a broom, yeah, I know that's a bit strange

well...that's probably the oddest triggers I have


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I have a lot of the usual ones, with some strange ones thrown in for variety.

Being alone outside of my room

blood on clothes

any sort of pornography

being held down

being laughed at (in a cruel mocking way)


the smell of alcohol (just getting some on my hands is enough to send me into a panic attack)

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Guest angelcat

-rape scenes in movies (most recently the movie "Monster")

-being bitten on the ear

-men in their 40's

-Christmas time

-little girls (age 3-5) who have dark hair or look anything like me when I was that age

-body odor (on my boyfriend)

-sloppy kissing, french kissing

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I agree this is a really good idea

Mine are as follows:

Older guys, in their fifties, I guess


White cars, no matter the make

People saying something sexual

Ppl acting like they don't believe something I'm saying

Being alone with a guy (only one exception to this rule)

The movie The Haunted

Taking walks when a stranger pulls up to ask if I need a ride

Certain textures, I haven't even pinpointed what it is yet

Bathrooms (not sure why)


Somebody sneaking up behind me or holding me down

The mere thought of someone liking me in that way

My gosh, I could write a book


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This will definately sound strange, but my weirdest one would definately have to be the smell that is sometimes there after it rains. Sometimes it does not leave this smell, but other times there is a distinct muddy smell.  ugh, weird.
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some of mine:

having my hands/arms held down above my head

neck pain, hands on my neck

the smell of carmex lip balm

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My triggers as far as i know right now:

Musty places, like beverage stores and such.

Anyone sneaking up on me.

Arrogant males.

Coconut butter lotion or oil.

Anyone touching my neck, except my dad when he gives me a massage.


Scary movies. I loved scary movies before this, i still watch them cause i still love them.

That song "Everybody Hurts" by REM, such an incedibly sad song that it triggers me.

The house settling noises at night.

Being outside at night and ppl walking by, always gets me.

Ill agree on forests, any dark hard tosee enviroment. My back yard at night and basement trigger me badly.

Well i think thats me.

(((((((Hugs To You All))))))))))

Donna =)

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i have a few more triggers to add...

getting private messages here on pandys.

authority figure people or in any role of any kind that might resemble some sort of authority figure.

warm days when i feel happy (mimics that day for me, before)

friends (it took me a really long time to realize why i was avoiding all of my friends so much)

telephone calls

anyone who doesnt hear me say no (today i was furious and made it clear i was furious when a guy tried to hand me a piece of paper and i said, 'no, NO, i said no!' as he stuffed it into my cart.  he said 'sorry' but i was quite mad and i told him, 'no, you're not.' and i stuffed his d*mn paper in the trash.)

any remark about prostitutes or hinting about women and their sexuality in a judgemental way

any talk of 'polyamory' or open relationships etc.

burning man

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