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Anybody else have weird triggers?


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A Shark's Revenge

This is a great topic :)

Mine are:

Black men of any age

Taco Bell, seeing one or hearing a commerical

Seeing a Taco Bell ad or garbage

loud noises (of course)

Having to wait in my car for someone or something

When I reach for something, someone yanking it away

The sound of a lighter being flicked

My grandfather (I was not abused by him, though)

Homeless men (serious trigger)

Anyone coming up to my driver's side window

Many many more...

I'm a mess.  :D

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Guest loveless aphrodite

I have scary thoughs of the thought "family". Whenever I see a brother and a sister hug, watch TV alone, or just know that the are close.  I get chills and wonder if there ever was any type of sexual contact among them. That is wierd! But my brothers molested me when I was a kid. Iguess I figuered my dad did worse so it must not be that bad.

Of course, to see a father and daughter together creeps me out but at the same time I kinda feel envious of their relationship.

Also, I too have a scene on a movie that I hate and is so scary to me. In The Color Purple.... when the main character has sex w/ 'her husband'.... it just gives me a feeling of disgust for all men.

I am the only person in my office and I hate to have to deal with having a man in there with me alone. In my line of work I run background checks for anyone that comes through my doors and it is really scary  when there is a sex offender alone with me in there.

Showing too much of my body - although I don't wear anything skimpy.

Sure there are other things, but these are my wierdest and scariest.

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male nurses

the words "suicide", "psych ward", or "15 minutes"

the hospital smell

the movie "Gothica"

anyone touching or holding onto my wrists

laying in bed with my ears uncovered

anyone telling me I'm a "bad girl"

the city where it happened


talking to a certain one of my guy friends

seeing the people that left me alone in the place it happened

oddly enough the biggest one for me recently was being pulled over and getting a speeding ticket

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For me it's mostly smells.

*cheap "protien & balsm" shampoo like Suave or V05

*the smell of freshly cut grass

*weepy willow trees (he had a huge one in his yard),they smell weird

*Marshal Mathers aka; Eminem because he looks EXACTLY like him. Or did.

*People snaeking up on me. I know they think it's just a joke but that's a huge trigger for me and I've tried to beat the crap outta people for doing it.

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Hi this is a good idea, Ive not thought about listing them before;

Blue trackies

Drunk men

Any of those scenes on tv

Boyf saying my name during sex

Autum and leaves falling from trees

Boyf kissing my kneck

eating chilli!

noises in the night when trying to sleep

the bedroom door being open at night

walking down stairs in the dark

orange street lights at night


Police vans, cars, people...

blue n white trainers, red fleece jacket, black lace dress...

I could go on, a very helpful exercise, thanks.

New here, Laura

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My triggers:

White cars/vans - this one FREAKS me out!!!!!!

Cars - esp white - pull up next to me on the street

His car/s make/s

His very common first name

His last name

Any topic on r*pe/abuse

the "r" words or other words

People not listening to me when i say "no!"



Young, happy, innocent girls!!!

Some songs

His voice

Once when his last name appeared randomly on a very boring grammar test at school

the night

the dark

the cold


dark streets

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ok i have some weird triggers

having an orgasm

my nurses uniform

small white vans


the smell of tobacco

red rugs

anythign on tv about r*pe

been grab on my arm

old men

i could go on forever but i won't

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Guest Willow White

Hearing birds chirping in the early morning (serious trigger)

Being naked

Body odor

Hearing someone scream

Foggy mornings

White shirts

And a few more

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Guest absynthe

I am glad and saddened there are so many others with as many triggers... great post idea

hospital tests;mri's, c.t's, echo's, etc

nylon jackets


lying flat on my back


overexaggerated mafioso dialects


the dark

a stream of light

rape scenes or innuendos




having my face covered

grocery stores

being told i'm beautiful :sleepy:

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being naked especially laying down and being looked at when i'm naked. it makes me feel so vulnerable, cheap, ugly, used...

whenever i was in bed with my (ex) partner he had gotten so used to it that when he wanted to give oral (another trigger for me) he would cover my top half before uncovering my lower half. [i used to say i was cold :P but niether of us believed that]

it's a huge issue in any thoughts of meeting someone new...that i'll have to let them know somehow :P

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Guest Chantelle

some of my triggers:

being yelled at or hearing people yell or argue or fight etc

hearing his name

open paddocks

having my hands held unwilling

anything around my neck

rape scenes in movies

anything that looks smiliar to what i or he was wearing

deep voices on males

the word biatch

the movie from hell

any pain i feel down there

being alone


being touched

any talk of sex or things to do with sex

pat rafter (same name and looks like him)

being criticized

enclosed and dark places

the smell of grass

innocent young girls, I wonder if it will ever happen to them or if they are being abused especially when I see them around men and worry that I can’t protect them.

Rape jokes

People walking outside my bedroom while trying to sleep

Weird a lot of them I know

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I share many of the "typical triggers," but some that are really weird are:

Certain smells, musty, mildewy smells particular

A sky filled with tons of balloons

4 poster beds

electric blankets

My major trigger is Dr. Suess's The Cat in the Hat (I almost lost it when the movie came out last year & it was everywhere, all the time).

I know, I'm nuts :P


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Let's see:

Hearing/seeing his name and the town he lives in.

Beer Pong (drinking game)

The smell of beer

Anyone coming up behind me without my knowledge

A certain sound of a door closing (it's weird, it's not every door- but some doors close differently and the sounds reflect that).

Small round bruises on my forarms

Laying on my back

Campus apartments

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1. I totally hate the smell of "Cool Waters" cologne.

2. As sick as this can sound, the smell of "that." It totally reminds me of then.

3. I hate hotel rooms, period.

I'll stop there.

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Guest mercurygirl

Maybe these aren't so weird but...

1. Confederate Flags

2. Men with ponytails

3. Flannel (esp. sheets or red flannel shirts)

4. Dorm rooms[/font][/size]

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The one I just realized was a trigger is...

when I'm in bed and my husband walks down the hall to the bedroom, when I hear his footsteps coming my way, I freeze, get scared and hold my breath... it never dawned on me that it was a trigger, I knew I got scared, knew there was no reason to be, but I would automatically hold my breath....


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everytime i see my car door and the dent ( he vandalized it and i never had it fixed yet)

certain smells

my coat and clothes i wore that night

certain songs and movies

guys with glasses

army stuff (he is in the army)

everytime i go to work and someone mentions him or talks about him

the cold weather

a car that resembles his

anything to do with sex

damn almost everything!!!

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Guest chel.sea.

-when my arms/hands fall asleep during the night, and i can't protect myself

-the edges of mattresses.

-friends talking about sex with people they love- i hate refusing to hear about the goodness that they find.

-madonnas. especially those that are crying.

what a strange relief to say anything to anyone.

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I know this is a last entry, but...

- The daycare I used to go to. Hate even going NEAR the place

- Old vans without windows in the back

- Kid food running into each-other on a paper plate. Like apple-sauce running into baked beans (that one must sound really weird.)

- Sometimes exterminators

...those are the only weird ones I can think of right now

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Mine are:

~the dark

~small, tight spaces

~being touched by men w/o giving permission

~the German language (one of my abusers spoke German. I have to get past this one since it is one of my majors in college)

~warm hands

~anyone who looks or sounds like my abusers

~yelling and fighting

~the woods

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Hi! Ok...deal with this one...my own laugh. I blocked it for so long. I am 35 and when I started going through recovery, it came out. Anyone else have personal traits that trigger them?

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In my highschool gym class we had to put on these mesh pinnies to play games like capture the flag or baton runs. The pinnies had an odd smell to them; a mixture of sweat and storage moisture. That smell triggers me really bad. Several times I had to fake cramps to get out of wearing one on those days.

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For some odd reason, I don't think I've ever seen this thread. I don't come to the public forums very often (besides the public: fun forum)! But anyway, here are some of my triggers:

-The smell of a certain kind of cologne (it's called "Jupe")

-Black & milds

-the dark

-getting into my car at night, or anything that has to do with facing the car where I can't see what's behind me

-parking lots

-a wooded area, somewhere with a lot of trees or bushes


-r*pe scenes on tv or movies

-the word "r*pe"... I can't say it and I can barely hear it without my heart beating out of my chest.

-parking next to vans

-hearing people make callous comments about r*pe

-going to the grocery store

-being burned

-being startled, like if someone sneaks up in back of me

-the word "cunt"

-my hair getting pulled

-smelling breath that smells like a combination of alcohol and cigarettes


-being on my period

That's all I can't think of right now, I'm sure there's many more. :down:

Edited by Stefanie
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