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Kindness of Lauren:


Tips for Coping with Insomnia

-Aroma therapy especially lavender

-Pillow sprays

-Taking a relaxing shower/bath before bed

-A cup of hot tea or hot chocolate

-Drinking warm milk

-Sleeping pills when prescribed

-Washing your face

-Journaling down thoughts before bed

-Cuddling with a person, pet or stuffed animal

-Listening to light music

-Exercise during the day (not at night)

-Avoiding TV before 30 minutes before bed and during the night

-Walking in the afternoon

-Cutting back caffeine intake (no more than 2 cups per day)

-Avoid all caffeine 4 hours before bedtime

-Using a heating pad to keep your feet warm (unplug it before you go to sleep)

-Having a relaxing bed time routine that you do every night

-Meditate before bed

-Yoga before bed

-Reading a light book (nothing heavy, but don't read in the bedroom;

find a quiet place somewhere else to read

-Keep regular sleep hours: wake up and go to sleep at the same times

-Cut back on alcohol consumption and smoking

-Avoiding doing other things in bed like work, reading, or watching

TV; only sleep there

-Resist the urge to take naps; if you do nap limit it to an hour

-Keep your bedroom as cool dark and quiet as possible

-Have regular sleep and waking hours

-Eating regular meals during the day will help with sleep at night

-Color/draw before bed

-Get out of bed if you're not sleeping within 15 to 30 minutes; go

back to bed once you feel sleepy

-Make your bed each day and keep your bed clutter free

-Dim all lights an hours before going to bed and then turn them off at bedtime

-Make sure you feel safe in the house so you don't stay up worrying

about not being safe

-If worrying keeps you up, set aside a time each day as "worry time"

and write down those thoughts

-Progressive relation exercises

-Have something grounding next to your bed in case of nightmares or flashbacks

-Vitamins/natural supplements to help with sleep

-Stretch before bed

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