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Going to the Dentist


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Compiled by Lauren:


Getting Through a Dental Appointment

•Talk to your dentist or hygienist about your concerns.

•Ask your dentist to explain all procedures.

•Ask your dentist to forewarn you of pain.

•Develop an agreed-upon signal indicating you want to stop.

•Tell your dentist when you are afraid.

•Slow, deep breathing

•Imagining a safe place

•Self talk: I can get through this. It will be over shortly. I am safe

now. I am taking care of my health.

•Bring a friend.

•Bring a soothing audiotape; i.e., music or relaxation.

•Bring a comforting stuffed animal.

•For women, wear pants instead of a skirt.

•Talk with your health care specialist about the possibility of medication.

•Ask for an initial appointment just to talk

•Ask for the dental chair to be placed in an upright position

•Keep the door open

•Have the dental assistant present

•Ask them to not touch the your body

•Ask the dentist to check in frequently with you so you can feel more

in control of what the dentist is doing

•Have them explain procedures throughout the office visit

•Find out more information at http://www.dentalfearcentral.com

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