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The goals for grounding are to increase awareness in the here and now and to have clear reality contact. Also, grounding is to help reduce posttraumatic experiences such as flashbacks, hypervigilance, and intrusive recollections and to reduce dissociative experiences like time loss and uncontrolled switching.

Present focused awareness is important because if you are paying attention to the here and now then you are less likely to be lost in thoughts of the past. Also, you will be less likely to be caught up in fearful thoughts about future events.

Grounding is the process of being present and connected in the here and now.

Using Your Five Senses for Grounding

Sight – open your eyes; look around; name present –day sights; realize you are an adult; look how tall you are

Sound – listen for present-day sounds and name them; let them bring you closer to the present; talk to yourself insides; say comforting things

Taste – suck on a peppermint; chew gum; drink coffee; use tastes that are connected with being safe and being an adult; carry these things with you at all times

Smell – use scented hand lotion; potpourri, a cotton ball soaked with perfume; scented candles to remind you of the present; carry something with you that you can use anywhere

Touch – hold a safe object; feel textures and let them bring you closer to the present; pet your care or dog or pet

Familiar Items to use for Grounding Yourself

Sight - Watch or clock, photography, outdoors, driver's license

Sound- Soothing music, nature sounds, familiar sounds, your voice

Smell - Scented candle, cinnamon, scented lotion, essential oils

Taste - Peppermint, potpourri, lemon, chewing gum

Touch - Lotion, a stone, ice cube, a pet

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