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Tips for Self Care


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Ø Keep a schedule

Ø Bath regularly

Ø Eat 2 to 3 meals a day

Ø Take medications if applicable

Ø Take time to yourself

Ø Have fun

Ø Do leisure activities

Ø Wake up and go to bed around the same time daily

Ø Limit daytime sleep, but take naps when needed

Ø Journal

Ø Reach out for support

Ø Exercise

Ø Be kind and gentle with yourself

Ø Remember that you have needs

Ø Take care of you first

Ø Drink lots of water

Ø Set reachable goals

Ø Go outside everyday/don't isolate yourself

Ø Be honest with yourself

Ø Take vitamins

Ø Keep healthy friendships and relationships with others

Ø Go to the doctor when needed: don't let your health slip

Ø Get involved

Ø Set healthy boundaries

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