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Alliance for Arab Women

The Alliance for Arab Women (AAW) is a voluntary organization registered with the Ministry of Social Affairs. It has its secretariat in Cairo and several branches in Upper and Lower Egypt governorates. It has a consultative status with the UN ECOSOC. Acting as an umbrella of about 350 NGOs spreading throughout the governorates of Egypt. Issues include gender, women's rights, development, advocacy, networking, building partnerships

28 Adly St. Apt. #74, Cairo

Ph #: 20 2 3939899

Fax#: 20 2 3936820

Email: aaw@link.com.eg

Website: Alliance for Arab Women

Arab Women's Solidarity Association (AWSA)

The Arab Women's Solidarity Association works for the liberation of Arab people and freedom from economic, cultural and media domination. As an international organization, AWSA promotes Arab women's active participation in social, economic, cultural, and political life.

Issues: Networking group

4A Dareed Saad Street, Kast El Ainy, Cairo

Ph#: 202 3543715

Fax#: 202 3554200

Email: for General Questions or cihrs@idsc.gov.eg or for Web & Mailing list

Website: info

Egyptian Center for Women's Rights

Issues: Promotes women's participation in the political arena, raises legal awareness for women, and provides legal aid to women

56 Missr Heluan Elzerae St., Apr.2 Floor 12, Maadi, Cairo

Ph#: 202-351-8219

Fax#: 202-524-6804

E-mail: ecwr@egyptonline.com or ecwr@hotmail.com

The New Woman Research and Study Centre

Issues: Campaigns for women's equaltiy and human rights, information, networks with local, regional and international women's and human rights organizations.

39 El Ansar Street, Dokki Square, Cairo

Ph#:/Fax#: (20) 2 398 6106

Email: hosams@intouch.com

Sudanese Task Force Against Female Genital Mutilation in Egypt

Issues: Investigates the practice of and attitudes toward female genital mutilation among the Sudanese communities in Egypt

c/o The Population Council

6A Bahieddine Barakat Street, PO Box 115, Dokki 12211, Cairo

Ph#: 20-2-357-6921/6922

Fax#: 20-2-340-9868

Email: afabos@aucegypt.edu

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