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Lifeline Ghana- Crisis line: 233 244 846 701 (24 hours)


31st December Women's Movement of Ghana

P. O. Box 065, Osu-Accra

Tel: 233-21-221470

Fax: 233-21-220303

E-mail: dec31@ghana.com

Website: link

Action Against Child and Women Abandonment

Hanna A.O. Agyeman

c/o P.O. Box AT 699

Accra, Ghana

Ph#: 233 227 274

Advance Star Violence Against Woman and Children

Mrs Mercy Acheampong Jones

P.O. BOX 515

Kumasi, Ghana

Ph#: 051 21937

Fax#: 051 21937

Association for the Advancement of Women in Africa (ASAWA)

Box 5737, Accra North

Accra, Ghana

Christian Council Of Ghana

CCG’s objectives are to strengthen the capacity of its Member Churches to contribute to achieveing Justice, Unity, Reconciliation and Integrity of Creation among the various sectors of the Ghanaian society and to provide a forum for joint action on issues of common concern. In seeking to achieve this, CCG is guided by the Holy Bible and in all matters of national interest remain non-partisan.

P.O. Box 919, OSU, Accra

Ph#: +233 21 776678/773429

Fax#: +233 21 776725

E-mail: ccg@africaonline.com.gh

Christian Mothers Association

Mrs. Huberta Dickson- National President

P.O. Box 5547, Accra North

Ph#: (233-21) 772885/775745/222339/223504/ 402198

Federation of Muslim Women's Association in Ghana

Issues: Human Rights/ Political Status of Women, Conflict Resolution and Peace Building, Interfaith Dialogue, Refugees, Disarmament.

P.O. Box MS 156 Achimota Accra, W/A Ghana

Ph#: 233 21 403256

Fax#: 233 21 772764

E-mail: fomwag@yahoo.com

Gender Awareness Foundation

Contact person: Stephane Lotro, Diana Heyman-Adu, Juliana Ablorh, Millicent Ablordeppey

Ghana Institute of Journalism

Box 667, PO Box MP2587, Mampro B1, Accra

Ph#: (233) 21-236462/ 21-228 336/221 750

Fax#: 221163, 221165, 302810

E-mail: gar@ighmail.com


Contact person: Winifred Darko-Esthern

Ghana Broadcasting, Corporation, 1633, Accra

Ph#: 221107 ext.2060

Fax#: 221163

E-mail: gar@ighmail.com

Internatioanl Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA), Ghana

The FIDA has made "non-literate women literate in modern law" through workshops, translations and free legal services in an effort toward gender balancing and advocacy for children. Born from the UN's Women's Decade, FIDA, through attorney volunteers teaches women their rights and obligations under the law and translates laws from legalese into everyday language and then into local languages. FIDA also trains community-level paralegals.

Contact persons: Lucy Felicity Arthur or Emelia Adjeporg

2nd Floor, Ghana Airways Buildings, Kojo Thompson Road

Legal Services Centre, P.O.Box 16502

Accra North, Ghana

Ph#: 233 21 225 479

Fax#: 233 21 230 035

Ghana Assembly of Women

PO Box 459, Accra

National Council on Women and Development (NCWD)

The NCWD’s objectives are establishing and strengthening linkages and networking activities with NGOs; Influencing policy on issues concerning women; Advising government on the integration of women in development at all levels; Studying and evaluating women's contribution to economic, social and cultural fields; Drawing up long and short term plans of action. Focus is on education, health, employment, legal issues and political participation. NCWD has commisioned several research projects and initiated and funded projects, thereby raising awareness about gender issues.

Placed in the President's office

P.O. Box M 53, Accra, Ghana

Ph#: 233 21 229119 or 233 21 245 918

Fax#: 233 21 228064

E-mail: WMW_Ghana@excite.com


Greater Accra Secretariat

P.O. Box C1402, Cantoments , Accra

Ph#: +233 21 241993

Progressive Women's Credit Union

Started in 1994 by members of Women in Progress, the credit union has now over 600 members. The credit union mobilizes funds and enables women to receive affordable loans after a pattern of regular saving.

Box 1519 Cape Coast, Ghana

Ph#: (0233-42) 30573

Progressive Women's Movement

Issue: Women Awareness & Poverty Alleviation

Contact Person: Nana Kesewaa

P. O. Box CE 11709, Com. 11 Tema

Ph#: 233-21-663878, 22-306222/310711

Fax#: 233-21-225742

Email: progressivemovement@yaoo.com

The Centre for Sustainable Development Initiatives (CENSUDI)

TUC Building, Commercial Street

Box 134, Bolgatanga, UER

Ghana, West Africa

Ph/Fax#: 233 72 22249

Email: censudi@africaonline.com.gh

Third World Womens Network -Africa Secretariat

P.O. Box 19452 Accra

Ph#: 233 21 301 064 / 22 44 069 / 23 11 687

E-mail: isock@ghana.com

Women's Development Agency

P.O. Box 2858, Accra


Ph#: 021 762538

E-mail: Matinan@aol.com

Women in Law and Development Africa - WILDAF

P.O. Box 6192, Accra - north Ghana

Ph#: 233 21 760688

Fax #: 233 21 760687

Email: wildaf@ghana.com

Women in Progress

Women in Progress works to achieve economic independence of women and alleviate poverty at a grassroots level in developing nations through the sustainable growth of small women-owned businesses and at the same time established mutual understanding among people of diverse cultures. The Organization’s international volunteer programs focus on assisting women in Africa to grow their micro enterprises and become self sufficient through business and IT consulting and training.

Box CC 890, Cape Coast, Ghana

Ph#: 0 233 42 36883

E-mail: renae@womeninprogress.org or info@womeninprogress.org

Website:Women In Progress

Women are The Key

Issues: Aim of the group is to fight against the abhorrent traditional practice of Female Genital Mutilation through seminars, workshops, and campaigns.

PO Box 283, Hoboe, Ghana

Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Of Ghana

Castle Road, POB 1504


Ph#: 220567/221944

Fax#: 0223-24 665960

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