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Email 'warnings' about rapists/rape/rape drugs

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Chloe published an email here recently that warned people about a particular MO that rapists were using. She then did a lot of work, and realised that it wasn't true. She then did a lot of thinking and worked out why she posted it, which is a very good post that you can read here.

Unfortunately, there are a *lot* of hoax emails circulating that claim to warn women about rape and other aspects of sexual violence. These can cause a lot of concern and worry, particularly in people who are feeling vulnerable and unsafe.

Before you post them on the board, please check out the following sites to see if they've been reported as a hoax. If you can't find any info about them being a hoax, please send a moderator a copy of the mail, and check it's ok to post.

It's fabulous that you are concerned for each other, and want to share information. We just all need to make sure that the information is helpful rather than alarming.

Take care


Sites that record hoaxes and urban legends:

Snopes urban legend site

Symantec email hoax page

Current netlore

How to spot a hoax


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