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Just a gentle reminder


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I wanted to post and just give everybody a timely reminder that the rules on this board are generally made and exercised with the best of intentions.

Naturally, in such a large community not everybody will be happy with the direction decisions take at all times.

We appreciate and regret that people might feel slighted from time to time. If this leads to people feeling they need to leave, that is their decision (though a rethink is encouraged - most disagreements can be satisfactorily worked through. Also, each one of you is valuable!).

Board decisions are not made from power tripping, meanness or any desire to shame or silence people.

You of course have the right of approaching a moderator if you are unhappy - no spirit of censorship is encouraged here. However, public announcements about what so and so's the mods are etc. are not appreciated and will be removed.

We do our best, with all of people's raw spots in mind. At the end of the day, we think Pandy's is by and large a safe and supportive environment for all.

Thanks to everybody who helps make it so.

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