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Dear all,

This is just a wee reminder to all that while responses to PMs and notification to members of posts that are edited or removed are written and sent as quickly as possible, we are not in a position to write these responses instantaneously.

Lately we have experienced a number of complaints from members who are unhappy at "delayed" responses from the mods. However as each of us volunteers our time to take care of the board we are not always in a position to immediately respond to people. It is also worth bearing in mind that all board decisions are made by the mods collectively and that time is taken to discuss all the options so that any choices made are done so with the boards' best interests in mind. Often we adopt an "act now, talk later" stance, where we remove any offending post and then discuss how to reply to the member before formulating a response.

Furthermore decisions made to edit or delete posts that violate the posting guidelines are made with the overall welfare of the board and its members in mind. We therefore do not appreciate, and will not tolerate, being compared to abusers and rapists when we do so (yes, this honestly happens with some frequency). We are not here to "silence" people - we work hard to keep the board a safe healing community for everyone and our posting guidelines are part of that process.

Please remember that we are not customer service operators. We ask that you give us the grace of time and we promise never to put you on hold with tacky music! We will always aim to reply/respond to members as quickly as possible, however each of the board mods is also a working professional and family member and while we all remain fully committed to and passionate about the welfare of the board, we have other aspects of our lives that also demand our attention and time. If you have not received a reply to your question within 24 hours, please re-send your PM. If you have written to us about another member, or reported a post, please note that you may not receive a response as we have a policy of not discussing members with others unless necessary. To ensure a response as fast as possible, please address PMs to all or multiple moderators.

Please know that we take confidentiality seriously. As a result, if you report a post, you may not be informed of action taken. We thank members for their assistance in keeping the board safe by using the "report" function. This reaches all moderators, and we discuss the issue and take necessary action. At times action means removing or editing a post, checking in on the member, or simply watching the thread development. To protect the confidentiality of member issues, you frequently will not be informed of action taken in response to your report. Please trust that the mods are taking care of the issue, though it is often "behind the scenes."

The Mods

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