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Other languages than English?


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I don't know if the question has already been treated elsewhere, I didn't find it.

Is Pandys explicitly only English speaking? Are there sections in other languages? Would it be possible? What about a place to gather links to similar forums / websites / ressources in other languages? 

It's not my first language and even if I'm able to read and write, the words we use about it and how we express ourselves changes too much for one language to another... It's difficult to express nuances and feelings, it's already hard to find the right words with my mothertongue so another one makes it even more challenging. And I bet I'm not alone it that case!

Some suggestions:

I think "my voice", "my story" and "my life" could have sub forums in other languages (ex. "Spanish", "French"... and "others" for the ones who don't have their own sub forum)

Maybe post an announcment and ask for members help to translate part of the important/wonderful posts? 

Have moderators in charge of other languages?

I understand it requires quite some time and efford both on sort and long term.

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As someone who is bilingual, I personally find it easier to access similar services in my own other language. They're already there, and so already have that sense of community that makes Pandy's so special. It would take a lot of time to build a community it another language, particularly as forums such as this one are not the only means to meet any more online. 

Sometimes playing with the geography settings on my browser helps me to find the services or forums that I'm looking for (I live in an Anglo environment at the moment).


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Hi Flori,

I'm afraid we have our hands full with English posts. Both Turkey and Italy have "pandys" based sites, if that helps.

Take care,


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