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Domestic Violence and Incest Resource Centre (DVIRC)

Statewide, this service offers counselling, information and resources to vicitms of domestic violence and incest.

TTY (Hearing Impaired): 9417-2155

E-mail: dvirc@vicnet.net.au

URL: http://home.vicnet.net.au/~dvirc/

WIRE (Women's Information and Referral Exchange)

From personal experience, this service is very helpful

03 9654 6844

CASA (Centre Against Sexual Assault)

Carlton VIC

Crisis Line: 03 9344 2210

Counselling lines 03 9349 1766 or 1800 806 292 if you live outside metropolitan Melbourne.

Branches in Ballarat, Bendigo, East Bentleigh, East Ringwood, Footscray, Geelong, Heidelberg Horsham, Mildura, Morwell, Parkville, Shepparton, Wangaratta, Warrnambool.

24 hour crisis care, counselling and group work.

Rainbow Male Survivor's Network

Richmond, VIC

Gay support group

03 9421 0466


email: rainbownet@yarranet.au

Australians Against Child Abuse (AACA)

Counselling for children up to age 17

Ringwood, VIC

03 9870 6261

Care Ring-Your Crisis Line (Domestic Violence)

136 169

Domestic Violence Crisis Service

24 hrs

1800 015 188

Geelong Rape Crisis Centre -

03 5222 4049

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If you are not in immediate danger but you fear domestic violence call the Womens Domestic Violence Crisis Service 24 hrs. Ph. 9373-0123, or country toll free : Ph. 1800 015 188


Domestic violence crisis service

You may also find the following links from the Domestic Violence and

Incest Resource Centre



This is the peak body for women's domestic violence services in Victoria.


Immigrant Women's Domestic Violence Service is for Victorian women and children from culturally diverse communities who are escaping domestic violence.


This website provides information on the 'Release Heather Osland' campaign (Heather Osland was a victim of domestic violence who is now in prison in Victoria), legal issues and poetry.


Centres Against Sexual Assault (CASAs) are free Victorian services for survivors of sexual assault. This site provides links to each Centre.


The South East Centre Against Sexual Assault is one of the CASAs mentioned above. It has a very comprehensive website which is divided up into sections for workers, for survivors, children, friends and family.

Office for Children - Victorian Department of Human Services

The Department of Human Services funds DVIRC and other services in Victoria. See link to 'About child abuse' to find info on reporting child abuse, family violence and sexual assault services, and publications on child sexual abuse, such as:

http://www.office-for-children.vic.gov.au/...-services/home- Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse Speak Out' ; and 'You and Your Child - For parents of children who have been sexually abused'


The Council is funded by the Victorian Department of Justice to work against violence. The site provides information sheets, research and reports on family violence.


This is a peak organisation of individuals and agencies working for the prevention of male family violence. The specific focus is work with men to assist them to change and end their violent behaviour. Website includes self-help information for men who are abusive.


Elizabeth Hoffman House is a refuge in Victoria with the primary function of providing emergency shelter for Aboriginal women and their children in need of care due to domestic violence. The site has information on myths and facts about domestic violence in indigenous communities.

Aboriginal Family Violence Prevention & Legal Service


Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service Incorporated


Ngwala Willumbng

Our Purpose:

Ngwala will work with individuals, families and communities, in a culturally relevant manner, to address issues associated with drug & alcohol use, to enhance their physical, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


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There are about sixteen(17?) CASAs throughout Victoria. I'm a former client and current board member with the Loddon Campaspe centre in Bendigo.

If anybody is wishing to connect to any of our services throughout the state they are welcome to contact me.

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