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intended sexual risk-taking posts

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Dear Members,

As you're all aware, we have a policy about posting suicide notes or intent to self-injure. We have decided to expand this to include posting about intended future risk-taking sexual behaviour, which is itself a form of self-injury. In future we will remove such posts just as we have done with SI/suicide posts.

We understand that sexual risk-taking is something many survivors have felt the urge towards, or have done in the past. It is okay to post that we have considered it or that it holds a certain amount of appeal. We can also post about past situations, but it is not okay to post about imminent situations; that leaves the rest of the board feeling very powerless. It also throws the compassion of members who are taking time from their own healing to give support back in their faces.

On that note, The ethos of this board is seeking support and healing rather than saying "I intend to do this and nothing any of you say will make a difference." Besides the fact that this is intensely unfair, powerlessness is hugely triggering because we were all made powerless at the time of our assaults. We hope that people will exercise consideration for other members in respect of this.


The Mods

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