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Deleting Accounts and Posts

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Hi everyone,

There has been a recent increase in requests for deleting accounts and we felt the need to address this issue. We hope you'll take the time to read through.

Deleting Accounts

We encourage you to protect personally identifiable information in your posts (see HERE regarding privacy and safety on Pandy's). You can request your account to be closed, and we will do so unless we have a compelling safety interest in retaining your account information (for instance, if you have used your account to harass other members or violate our guidelines repeatedly, we may ban your account instead of closing it at our discretion).

Please note that only in rare circumstances will we delete all of your posts from the message board. We occasionally receive these requests and will comply if there is a clear safety concern that can only be alleviated by deleting all of your posts. When we instruct our database to delete all of a member's posts, it also deletes all of a member's threads - which means all replies from other members are deleted as well. Additionally, if you have served as a volunteer staff member here, using automated post deletion means any posts made in your staff capacity are lost as well. There is no way to separate out these posts and our team would have to manually delete each post, a process for which we don't have time and resources.

Each member has the ability to manually delete the text from posts, and you may do so at any time. If you have a serious security concern and your safety is at risk due to posts on the board, please contact us and we will work with you to delete some or all of your posts. However, while we will delete individual posts or threads you need removed, we will not perform a mass deletion of all of your posts absent extraordinary circumstances.

Thanks for understanding,

The Moderators

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