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Coping with Anger


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Coping with Anger

•Dark art (poetry, painting, sculpting, other writing)

•Exercise (running, walking, boxing, swimming, elliptical trainer, weight training, bike rides, yoga, martial arts, push ups)

•Throwing ice cubes in the bathtub

•Ripping up old magazines of phonebooks

•Playing drums. They can be built by pillows, also heard of wooden plates covered with carpet... The "drums" shouldn't be solid hard, coz it damages the wrist. Sticks need to be bought.

•Baking... You are kind of supposed to knead the dough thoroughly!

•Music to awaken the "underlying" emotions

•Visualize yourself yelling and screaming and whatever you'd like to do but can't

•It can also be put in the Containment box and dealt with sometime in the future

•Scream into a pillow, cushion, or blanket

•Punch a punching bag or pillow

•Release energy through positive/healthy sexual interaction

•Having a good cry

•Clean, dust, vacuum, sort through junk

•Take pictures of relaxing things to help you relax

•Play a game to calm things down inside

•Vipassana meditation: Experiencing anger in the form of bodily sensations, while observing it with a balanced mind was the most powerful thing I ever experienced.

•Count to 10 or 100 or whatever you need to count to.

•Deep breath

•Put it in perspective

•Do another activity until the anger subsides

•Go on Pandy’s

•Journal to vent

•Don't hold grudges for longer than necessary

•Talk or vent to a friend

•Drawing or scribbling on a piece of paper

•Throw a tennis ball or stress ball against the wall

•Listen to loud music

•Say bad words

•Vent to your therapist if you have one

•Get in bed and pout and throw a tantrum like a 3 year old

•Write the name of somebody who hurt or is bothering you on toilet paper, with felt pen, then flush it away

•Go out to the sea or to the air port at take off time and shout as loud as you can

•Watch TV/ movies

•Drink something soothing like hot tea or hot chocolate

•Video Games

•Slow down


•Take prescription medication if you have it

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