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Coping with Body Memories


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Thank you to Lauren for compiling the wisdom of our members!


Coping With Body Memories


-Remember it will pass

-Focus on the feeling and getting it away

-Remember that that feeling actually isn't happening in the moment

-Go to a private place and meditate

-Replay what happened and then remember that it is all over. Remember

that this can be triggering.

-Focus on your surroundings

-Focus on other sensations (hold an ice cube, drink hot tea, chew gum,

or exercise)

-Talk or write about what feelings/memories are brought up by the body memories

-Use positive self-talk to get through the feelings

-Repeat affirmations

-Do grounding exercises: name 5 things you see, 5 things you smell, 5

things you feel, 5 things you hear, and 5 things you taste (Note:

don't do the senses that are triggering in that moment)

-Do something nice for your body like taking a bath, putting on lotion

or a nice smelling perfume, or wear comfy clothes

-Write a letter to your body venting your feelings


-Ask your body what it needs

-Aroma Therapy

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