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missing private message


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hi! thank you for all the work you do.

i had gotten a note in my inbox (like i usually do) that i had a new private message notification. i went to long into pandys and it said there was an error and no such message exsisted. it was from noshamenofear. i am trying to contact he/she about it as well because maybe they decided not to send it. just didnt know if there was something technical going on. it just made me nervous/vulnerable- but what doesnt?



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HI dont know if you got your PM figured out or not. But if you want to test that yours is working ok or something feel free to PM me. I know mine is working fine I OM all the time. Or to get a faster response you may want to PM one of the moderators. Take care.

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It's possible the sender decided to delete it (you can do that if you're tracking the message). It's also possible that the message was sent during a brief downtime yesterday, in which case that could have happened as well.

Sorry about the inconvenience!


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Hi takebackthenight2010,

I did pm you, however the system went down just after i sent it, and i couldn't get back online to see what happend, because Pandy's was down for a while.

I don't even remember what i put in the pm, sorry.

But i know the pink elephant was at the end...

So here it is....that's all that is left of the pm....sorry.


Anyway Hi...i am pretty sure i was just pm'ing to say i liked something you posted and wanted to tell you personally...but now i have no idea what it was...if i remember i promise i will pm you.

I am a bit vague at times...


Just sorry that it freaked you out, but i am pretty sure it was just the server going down :hug: Aquila

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