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Healing Poetry

Guest aoife

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Do Not Shadow the Good Stuff

Looking back at yesterday

do not shadow the good stuff!

sometimes the pain and hurt may stay

and the flower you picked is thrown away

Was Monday so bad?

Did you see the smile she gave you?

sometimes the pain and hurt hide

what good we feel deep inside

Did Tuesday provide something swell?

Or did you only see the decay inside?

sometimes it is hard to see

the good in things like friends like me!

Did Wednesday show any sunshine?

was there someone to hold you?

sometimes a stanger can be the light

that makes your week turn out bright!

By Thursday was there a glimmer of hope?

The kind old man that listened so well?

sometimes it takes the bad to see all the good

and finally to know that someone understood!

On Friday was it just the end of the work week?

Or did someone remind you of some wonderful thought?

sometimes a kind word is all you need

to clean up your garden of one bad weed!

It’s Saturday and rest is swell

a smile works wonders while with a friend

sometimes happiness shows up like a gift

and behold a wonderful new life shift!

Sunday I hope the week brought some life

surrounding you with sunshine and joy

sometimes you need to breathe deep and see

all the wonderful things life brings to thee.

Each day, week, and year brings so many feelings

choose a beautiful song for the scrapbook in your mind

sometimes we need to sense some pleasure

wonderful memories become your treasure.

By Michael Joseph

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Apart of Me by ShawnCrane (October 31, 2012)

What you see on the surface is kosher

Tranquil, just like a sedative

I keep the lid sealed on the exposure

Holding back all the negative

Never letting it see the light of day

In this shell, I hide away

These masks camoflauge and disguise my face

Even if I try to escape

This rage will be there wherever I go

Turning me into a psycho

A destructive twisting, spinning cyclone

Raining down, reflecting my soul

Its a mirror image looking at me

And we're both the catastrophe

Living hell where the screams are maddening

Everyday is a tragedy

So I close my eyes praying it will end

But my mind won't let me pretend

It shows me the same sequence once again

Painted the color of bloodshed

Everything's dead, fading into darkness

And nothing's left except carnage

Going back to where it started

An option long since departed

I open my eyes, its gone in a flash

I'm still here and safe from the past

I wonder how long these memories last

Next thing I know, it all went black

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Dive by SLAM poet Andrea Gibson

i often repeat myself

and the second time's a lie

i love you

i love you

see what i mean i don't

...and i do

and i'm not talking about a girl i might be kissing on

i'm talking about this world i'm blissing on

and hating

at the exact same time

see life---doesn't rhyme

it's bullets...and wind chimes

it's lynchings...and birthday parties

it's the rope that ties the noose

and the rope that hangs the backyard swing

it's a boy about to take his life

and with the knife to his wrist

he's thinking of only two things

his father's fist

and his mother's kiss

and he can't stop crying

it's wanting tonight to speak

the most honest poem i've ever spoken in my life

not knowing if that poem should bring you closer

to living or dying

drowning of flying

cause life doesn't rhyme

last night i prayed myself to sleep

woke this morning

to find god's obituary scrolled in tears on my sheets

then walked outside to hear my neighbor

erasing ten thousand years of hard labor

with a single note of his violin

and the sound of the traffic rang like a hymn

as the holiest leaf of autumn fell from a plastic tree limb

beautiful ---and ugly

like right now

i'm needing nothing more than for you to hug me

and if you do

i'm gonna scream like a caged bird

see...life doesn't rhyme

sometimes love is a vulgar word

sometimes hate calls itself peace on the nightly news

i've heard saints preaching truths

that would have burned me at the stake

i've heard poets tellin lies that made me believe in heaven

sometimes i picture hitler at seven years old

a paint brush in his hand at school

thinkin what color should i paint my soul

sometimes i remember myself

with track marks on my tongue

from shooting up convictions

that would have hung innocent men from trees

have you ever seen a mother falling to her knees

the day her son dies in a war she voted for

can you imagine how many gay teen-age lives were saved

the day matthew shepherd died

could there have been anything louder

than the noise inside his father's head

when he begged the jury

please don't take the lives of the men

who turned my son's skull to powder

and i know nothing would make my family prouder

than giving up everything i believe in

still nothing keeps me believing

like the sound of my mother breathing

life doesn't rhyme

it's tasting your rapist's breath

on the neck of a woman who loves you more

than anyone has loved you before

then feeling holy as jesus

beneath the hands of a one night stand

who's calling somebody else's name

it's you never feelin more greedy

than when you're handing out dollars to the needy

it's my not eating meat for the last seven years

then seeing the kindest eyes i've ever seen in my life

on the face of a man with a branding iron in his hand

and a beat down baby calf wailing at his feet

it's choking on your beliefs

it's your worst sin saving your fucking life

it's the devil's knife carving holes into you soul

so angels will have a place to make their way inside

life doesn't rhyme


life is poetry --- not math

all the world's a stage

but the stage is a meditation mat

you tilt your head back

you breathe

when your heart is broken you plant seeds in the cracks

and you pray for rain

and you teach your sons and daughters

there are sharks in the water

but the only way to survive

is to breathe deep

and dive

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Theres a side 2 rape, thats not spoken.

Where Friendships are lost & Families are broken.

Theres a side 2 rape, that Touches Lives.

Where theres cultural silence, rape survives.

Theres a side of rape that blames for sure.

At times it's taught, their now unpure.

Theres a side 2 rape, when you just hear.

That can fill your thoughts with pain & fear.

Theres a side 2 rape, depending on whose involved.

If it's investigated or if it's solved.

Theres a side of rape if viewed by others.

More tend to become, lustul brothers.

Theres a side of rape, depending on whom.

If the Seed of Truth is Allowed To Bloom.

Theres a side of rape, even at war.

Thats not okay, thats' for Sure.

Theres a side of rape, all really should know.

When culturals deal with it, rape can't grow.

Theres a side of rape, many don't feel.

Most times were blamed, thats for real.

Theres a side 2 rape ,when we can not provide.

In the wave of flashbacks, in Lifes tide.

Theres a side of rape, even with the eyes.

Theres lack of Respect, where Honor flies.

Theres a side of rape, depending on how many times.

How Wounded we become, from rape & crimes.

Theres a side of rape, that breaks the Bond of Trust.

Lots of times it's not talked about, uncontrolled lust.

Theres a side of rape, the guys gossip to.

And were are preyed on more, by a few.

Theres a side of rape, GOD Knows All.

And any type.... is against GOD'S Law !

Theres a side of rape , if its Us or a Friend.

That Wounds Our Soul, if Justice is pretend.

Theres a side of rape, if it's our Child.

In the Field of Life, where trust grows wild.

Theres a side of rape, when none care, if we tell.

Its alot more difficult, 4 us 2 get well.

Theres a side of rape, if we can't turn the page.

It effects Our Growth, in Lifes stage.

Theres a side of rape, that effects our trust.

Though it's not our fault, uncontrolled lust.

Theres a side of rape, if they have connections.

Our Friends will scatter, Our Past Protections

Theres a side of rape, that all should know.

If not dealt with Properly, the rapes will grow.

Theres a side of rape, that must be written & said.

When men seek to control their lust, rapes not fed.

Theres a side of rape, that can be a Good Thing 2.

Raise them Right, & the rapes will be few.

Theres a side of rape, Where We Can Relate To Others.

Mothers, Daughters, Friends.......Sisters, Brothers !

4 all those silent voices, really not heard.

Because in some societys, rapes a bad word.

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