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Resources/info on high demand groups/undue influence/thought reform programs


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A book:

"Institutionalized Persuasion" by Marcus Chatfield who is a survivor of institutionalized persuasion. The abuse he describes is CURRENTLY also inflicted on ADULTS in some treatment centres in the UK.



Steven Hassan:


Judith Herman's Victims of Violence Trauma Seminar:




The BITE model:


On human trafficking and undue influence:

"Human trafficking as a commercial cult mind-control phenomenon" is on the Home page and also on the Human Trafficking page of www.freedomofmind.com under "RECENT NEWS, NEW". (sorry, I can't seem to get a direct link.)

ICSA (International Cultic Studies Association)

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you're welcome lucyjo.

I thought I would add these links:

Thought reform/undue influence exists:


How does undue influence/brainwashing/thought reform/coercive persuasion work?


Thought reform/undue influence is common-place, and of course hidden, and people and places that use it are often commonly and widely accepted in society, - totally mainstream, popular, acceptable, accepted, sanctioned and approved of. You can be brainwashed at any age.

NB: Common and widely-held beliefs aren't necessarily correct.

For those that are brainwashed and in these groups/organisations etc it is usually totally unsafe to talk about their distress, will have no words to try to tell what was done or to begin to explain how it was done; and those that aren't involved aren't aware of thought reform, don't recognise it, often just cant believe it. Don't know how to help.

People and places that abuse with thought reform/undue influence are widespread, and one can never know all the places that abuse with thought reform/undue influence.

Learn about and become aware of thought reform/undue influence.

Suspend assumptions and automatically-held views.

Think for yourself, no matter everyone else.

Honour your senses and trust your self, your instincts and your critical thinking.

If you come across something that you sense feels wrong, stay away.

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