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How Do I Post quotes in other styles and in colors?


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When I tried to compile my poem and tried to use other styles or colors, I could not seem to do that right. How do I do that? I see many quotes below their posts. They used styles and colors. I like to try that.


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Hi sweetrabbit,

We understand the temptation to use color in posts or in your poems is great. However, we ask members to avoid this because it causes eye strain, also out of consideration for members who are visually impaired.This is from our guidelines for the board:

5. Avoid the following:

Colored text in forum posts, writing in all caps or in alternating upper and lower case. These can be hard on the eyes and make it difficult for those with vision impairment to read.

As we come across posts using colors they are switched over to black.

I believe what you're describing under posts might be the 'signature'?

  • Signature graphics. Signatures should not be larger than two inches, and one image is permitted only if it is standard "emoticon"-sized or smaller. No tickers, countdowns, etc. Contact a moderator if you are unsure if your signature complies with this rule.

You can learn more about how to add a signature by entering your personal control panel (My controls). If you have any other questions please ask! :)

Take care,


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