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need to find some information


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Hi guys!

So I'm finally strong enough as well as being enough of a survivor to be involved with my college's sexual assault support group, CARE (Campus Assault ResponsE) I was hoping someone could help me out a bit.

I'm the Training Coordinator for this group. We run an anonymous hotline for students at James Madison University in Virginia. It's 24/7 and all our members go through a rigorous training to be able to work this hotline. It's based on a pager system, and there are two people on the pagers at all times. One thing that I'm looking for help with is that a member of ours has committed suicide this past spring, and I was wondering if any one had something that could help us recognize the signs even more than we already do in training, as well as how to best help someone once you do notice it.

We have decided as a group to add Intimate Partner Violence to our organization. Does anyone have an email address or maybe just some links to help me set up a training portion of this new area which i plan on making my expertise!

If you have anything that you found really helpful from someone who you have helped survive or just what helped you, that would be amazing! I'm open to really anything.

the website below is our website if you would like more information that i put in here


Thanks for everything.

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