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We met our goal for 2022!!!! THANK YOU!!

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Dear Pandy's Friends ,

As the year ends, I want to make sure you know that we are spot on with all of the donations we need for 2022. You have been amazing in your generosity and we could never have done this without you. My heart is light and easy as I prepare to pay the various bills that are due in January, February and March because we have the money that we need for those payments. Of course I know we have to start working on next year's budget, but you've made it possible because we all work together to raise the $5,000 we need each year. Thank you for that. It's not something I could do by myself or just the staff could do, but working together it gets done.

I realize the holidays are really tough time for everybody, so I am hoping that this bit of good news might help bring a bit of good cheer and encouragement to you. We've worked hard this year to make a lot of changes to help Pandora's aquarium become more stable and I hope that's been apparent to you along the way as well. We are all grateful to be here with you and to have you as part of our lives. Volunteering here and being here makes a huge positive difference in our lives.

Wishing you the very best during the closing of 2022 and the welcoming of 2023.

Patricia for the board moderating team

P. S. If you do wish to make a year-end donation to help out your taxes and give us a jump start on next year, here is a link to the donation site.This could be a one-time donation or a repeating donation, whatever fits your budget.  All donations to Pandy's are tax deductible.  Here is a LINK to the donation site on Pandy's.  

If you have questions, please reach out to one of the Board Moderators at the Help Desk or email them at  admin@pandys.org

Sending you peace and thanks always,


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